Interior designing makes people feel comfortable and relaxed. Nowadays pieces of art are widely used to decorate homes and offices. You can use pricey vinyl records to decorate their surroundings too.


Some vinyl records have the greatest hit ever. This has pushed people to collect and store them. This article will expound on how to keep them safe and use them for interior designing.

How to Ensure Safety of Your Vinyl Records

How you keep your records influences how long they will last. For your records to stay longer you have to use and keep them safe. You should wipe dust off using vinyl record cleaning brush or vinyl records cleaning solutions. There are special clothe materials to use with the solutions for safe cleaning. Always follow manufacturer’s instruction when using the solutions. Repeat these processes every six months to keep the records clean then play them to distinguish between working and damaged ones.

How to Use Vinyl Records for Interior Designing

When it comes to interior designing, the vinyl records used may be good or damaged. The vinyl records that are most widely used are the ones with the most popular tracks and labels. You can opt to use furniture to showcase your collection. You can choose between high quality shelves, wall units and portable cases too. This equipment is made of hardy materials designed to give a taste of class and aesthetic beauty. You will find furniture of this quality being manufactured by trusted companies like Tylko:

How to Ensure Safety of Your Collection of Vinyl Records

As a casual collector you can display or keep away these records. You can use wall units with A-Z record finder shelves to display your valuable vinyl records. Tylko furniture company is making this high-end products according to your desired measurement, shapes and the colours so as to fit in with your house with at most precision. You can also prefer using storing stools and records keeping crates which may be riskier to use. Always arrange your records vertically to avoid unwanted damages.

In conclusion, it is wise to store vinyl records safe since their value is soaring due to their scarcity and wide range of uses. You should always consider using safe equipment from companies like Tylko to store your vinyl records.