Fashion and design are beginning to take a new twist in the world of interior design and home decoration. People have discovered a new way to keep our environment safe and recycle what is disposable to develop beautiful decors useful in our homesteads.

Eco-friendly is not all about the biogas, recycling of water; there is more into it, fashion has dived into it, making unique decors. Tylko company is ready to give you professional expertise and guide you through all aspects of interior décor.

This article will guide you on how you can achieve an Eco-friendly sustainable interior design material, namely:

Use of Recycled Metal

They are obtained from a metal such as aluminium, which, when recycled, can make things like seats. Recycled metal requires minimal resources and even processing but gives a piece of the right furniture.


It is inhuman to cut trees and make things out of them, but using old reclaimed wood to make furniture like; coffee tables, chairs, and boards is ideal. Wood can also be useful in making the floor and also building.

Recycled Plastics

When processed, you could find things like the HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), which are useful to extrude unique furniture and designer décor. They have a fade-resistant color. The fabrics from it can make clothes and bags.


It comes from an oak tree; the cork can be useful as decoration of the walls, used as the house’s flooring. Cork could be placed in any space available and still achieve that gloomy decoration.


Sisal could make excellent art and beautiful decoration, such as flooring mats and buckets that could carry fruits, vegetables, and beautiful designer bags.


They have beautiful final products that are very soft and tender to the skin. You could make attractive pillowcases, cushions, and even clothing out of it. They are not irritating to the skin like most fabrics.

With the great desire for renovation and innovation in the fashion industry, we could achieve many beautiful, fashionable, and trending interior décor. That’s why we have Tylkoto help you have that desired eco-friendly interior designing décor for your premises.

If you had doubts and wondered how you would achieve the beauty of nature through fashion and still maintain the diversity of the trends in interior décor, consider visiting Tylko and reorganizing your home with these eco-friendly materials. Gram your interior and maintain your environment.

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