There are a couple of ways to transform any interior into a modern yet visually attractive setting. Quite often, the core factors to consider while on a quest for this include colour coordination or preference, ambient lighting, and spacing but to mention a few. Each of these factors takes centre stage depending on the desired outcome. Additionally, the priority of each of these factors usually gravitates the result towards a particular culture and style.

Focusing on the colour and materials is closely associated with various concepts most notably the Chinese Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Concept

It is attributed to energy or ‘chi’ which is not only physical but also spiritual and embodies mental strength that brings about a positive mindset and peace of mind. For you to realize what this concept has to offer, you have to pay attention to the positioning and color of items.

Feng Shui Elements

While employing this concept, you might wonder how one determines the positioning of each of the items. Well for a fact, the positioning of the items is based on the elements which are:

  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Fire
  • Wood
  • Water

Wood, for instance, represents creativity and growth while metal represents intelligence and logic. In that case, furniture is wood while metal is mostly sculptures. A tool to determine just exactly where each item is placed is known as the Bagua Map. Once you categorize each item to its element, then a room is divided into quadrants such as wisdom, family, fame, and health. Afterward, each item is placed into a quadrant thereby bringing the quadrant to life.